Discussion: Letś be clear about our mission

It is important that we have a clear sense of the purpose and aim of our new company. Please contribute your thoughts through the comment space below. What is a clear statement of the purpose or mission of the company you would like to see handling processing and marketing of walnuts in NZ?

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Letś be clear about our mission

  1. The Board has drafted a statement of purpose for the proposed company:

    The purpose of our co-operative company is to grow the wealth and security of our NZ walnut producer shareholders through our common goals of:
    – Reliable supply of premium-value product to our consumers
    – Providing a path to market for our shareholders
    – Efficient and effective processing and cohesive marketing
    – Unity of purpose amongst our suppliers
    – Behaviour that is socially, financially and environmentally responsible


  2. The board has also been through an interesting process where each member independently wrote down a series of bullet points on what they believe should be the main aims of our new company. Though we know that mission statements can sometimes be perceived as rather a PR exercise, we are planning to use our bullet points to write one – we think the act of writing it down can help us define where we’re going and make sure we’re all going in the same direction. We invite growers and other stakeholders in the walnut industry to contribute their thoughts to this process!


  3. I understand that the initial mission is to set up the PROCESSING AND MARKETING company. i think the focus needs to be on this.

    From the figures supplied at the initial meeting growers need to supply top grade nuts only for processing. This will reduce processing costs and therefore will make the new company more successful.

    I feel it is the GROWERS RESPONSIBILITY to forward only high quality nuts for processing and as such is ‘secondary ‘to what the Walnut NewCo is being set up for.

    However, I do agree that it is an issue that needs to be addressed and discussed but not at this time and perhaps under a different growers forum.


  4. Hi Robin,
    Like your suggestion. Before Christmas I will be working with Jenny at the factory to photograph examples of nut quality and I’ll make the photos available to everyone as soon as I can. Should be a good start to help understand what we need to aim for.


  5. How about a section of this website containing specific tips and ideas detailing how growers have achieved the necessary quality of nuts – an area that growers can add to. For example, how often to collect, how best to wash, a way to dry that works! All this information I know is out there but having it in one place where the interaction of growers can more easily improve it (we all learn something new every season) would see a rapid improvement in quality and filter out outdated methods that can now be shown to be non-optimal.


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