Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Limited is a company wholly owned by its suppliers. It was established in 2015 to purchase the assets and business of A Cracker of a Nut Limited, and to ensure a path to market for its shareholders. The purpose of the company is:

“to grow the wealth and security of its New Zealand Walnut producer shareholders through the common goals of:

(a) reliable supply of premium-value product to consumers
(b) providing a path to market for shareholders
(c) efficient and effective processing and cohesive marketing
(d) unity of purpose amongst suppliers
(e) behaviour that is socially, financially and environmentally responsible.”

The Constitution of the company is available – here. There are eight directors.

The company took over the brands and customers of A Cracker of a Nut, and has recently launched its new brand for its walnuts, Tricketts Grove.

Further information about our walnuts is available on the Tricketts Grove website.

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