Voting at the AGM

Voting is per-shareholder (shareholding company, partnership or individual), NOT per-person. For example, a shareholding partnership votes as an entity, rather than the two people comprising that shareholding partnership voting separately.

If there is division in opinion between shareholders on a matter raised at the AGM, a vote can be taken. In this case, votes (per-shareholder) would be counted for shareholders present either in person or by proxy.

Under our Constitution, shareholders are entitled to one vote for every 500 shares held in the Company (or part thereof). Voting is capped at 20%, i.e. a shareholder can only exercise voting rights up to 20% even if they own more than 20% of the shares. Note that in the case of Walnuts NZ Co-operative Ltd, our currently largest shareholder holds 18.9% of the shares, with the next two in size holding 13.9% and 9.3% respectively.

Examples of voting calculations are:

  • Shareholder owns 150 shares = 1 vote
  • Shareholder owns 500 shares = 1 vote
  • Shareholder owns 750 shares = 2 votes
  • Shareholder owns 5,300 shares = 11 votes
  • Shareholder owns 15,633 shares = 32 votes

If you cannot attend the AGM, please send your apologies to or The Company Secretary, Walnuts NZ Co-op Ltd, 142 Tricketts Road, RD6 Christchurch 7676. Also in this case you are welcome to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.


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