Updated PDS (information to inform investors)

We have updated our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This is information to inform investors in the company, and is required by the Financial Markets Authority.

Directions for shareholders to view the updated information:

Go to –   https://disclose-register.com paniesoffice.govt.nz/

Click on the ‘Search Offers’ button and search on offer number
OFR10376 or issuer name Walnuts New Zealand.

Then click on the name of our Offer to go to the documents.


Important information on share offer

The share offer and supporting information will be available from Wednesday 23 December on the public Offer Register, www.business.govt.nz/disclose, and we are sending a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) by post to those who registered interest and to the larger suppliers on our database.

Instructions to help you access the information can be found here: Instructions_for_getting_PDS_from_web



Applying for shares

A number of suppliers have already applied for their shares in the co-op and the first ones were issued following the January board meeting. We look forward to receiving more applications in February.

Two matters of clarification may be helpful:

  1. The application asks for certification of identity. While normally that would mean getting a JP, MP or other such person to verify your identity, for most walnut suppliers this is unnecessary. If you are personally known to one of the directors (board members) then you do not need to get the photocopies of your identity documents certified.
  2. For those who do need to get their copies of identity documents certified, they can go to a JP or a lawyer (or indeed an MP or various other legal people) and that person will sight the original document and sign the copy.