Members of the Board

Andrew Horsbrugh, Mob. 027-436-1914,

Basil Meyer, Ph. 03 317-8130

Colin Prebble, Mob. 021-325-900

Frank Brenmuhl, [Chair] Mob. 027-2244-009

Graeme Nicholas, Ph. 03 974-3133, Mob. 027-208-7314,

Heather North [Secretary], Ph. 03 325-3381

Paul Visser


Frank Brenmuhl (Chair)

Frank and Margaret have a 32-ha walnut orchard at Aylesbury. Frank is a retired dairy farmer, and farm consultant. He was a National Board Member of Federated Farmers of NZ which included the roles of National Dairy Section Chairman, Chairman of the Dairy Industry Awards Trust and National Vice President of FFNZ.

Andrew Horsbrugh

Andrew and his wife Jo own and operate Tunlaw Farm Limited, a 45-ha walnut orchard in West Melton. Andrew is CEO of Craigmore Farming and a member of the Institute of Directors NZ. He is a director on a number of different boards in the dairy, sheep & beef, transport, horticulture and processing sectors, and a shareholder/director of Donaghys Limited. Andrew and Jo are also the NZ agent for AMB Rousset walnut harvesting and processing equipment.

Basil Meyer

Basil is farming in partnership with Trudi 1000 walnut trees on their property near Charing Cross, Darfield. Both are originally from Switzerland and settled in New Zealand in 1987. Through the sharemilking route they purchased their dairy farm on the West Coast in 1993, which they sold in 2013 to concentrate on their walnut orchard. From 2000 to 2010 Basil was a Director of Westland Co-operative Dairy Company. Basil and Trudi are the NZ contact for Feucht Obsttechnik, the German manufacturer of walnut harvesting equipment. Basil currently works part time at Fonterra in Darfield.

Graeme Nicholas

Graeme and his wife Barbara own BG Growers Ltd, that owns and operates a 10-ha walnut orchard near Springston. Graeme is a social systems researcher and consultant. He is a member of the Royal Society of New Zealand and has served on several not-for-profit organisation boards.

Heather North

Heather owns a 17-ha orchard near Lincoln with business partner Clive Marsh. Maximum walnut supply was almost 30 tonnes in the 2015 harvest. Heather is a research scientist specialising in satellite remote sensing, working as a self-employed contractor. She is a member of the Institute of Directors, and the co-op has paid for her to attend several IoD courses to help in carrying out her roles on the board.

Colin Prebble

Colin and his wife Karen have a 17-year-old orchard they developed from scratch. Colin is a chartered accountant with experience on various boards and committees. He is also involved in food manufacturing and distribution and is a partner in some Christchurch-based food service businesses.

Paul Visser

Paul has been involved in the walnut industry since it evolved from the NZ Tree Crops Association. He has held roles of President of Southern Nut Growers Association (Nut Growers of NZ) and several terms as Chairman of the Walnut Industry Group. Paul and Leigh are Walnut Co-op shareholders and have been running their orchard for eighteen years. Paul has been employed in the Police for 43 years and currently a supervisor in the Communication Centre.

One thought on “Members of the Board

  1. […] Under the constitution of the co-op one third of the board of directors retire each year, although they are eligible for re-election. Being the first year of operation lots were drawn to decide which three directors would retire. Andrew Horsbrugh, Frank Brenmuhl and Graeme Nicholas were chosen to retire. All three made themselves available for re-election and were declared elected unopposed at the annual meeting of shareholders held in Rolleston on 30 July. You may like to find out more about the eight directors. […]


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