Grades and sizing

We are currently reviewing our grading system and will get the new grade definitions out to you as soon as we
can. As in previous years, however, there will be higher prices for:

(a) certified organic compared to conventional;

(b) larger walnuts compared to smaller;

(c) walnuts separated into certain cultivar lines compared to mixed cultivar;

(d) walnuts that are clean and light-coloured compared to discoloured walnuts.

You need not size-sort your walnuts as the factory is purchasing sizing machinery. Your walnuts can come in to
the factory with all sizes mixed into your bags or bins. However, your pay-out will take account of the
proportion of walnuts that fall into each size grade (in addition to the other factors above). Regarding (c)
above, we are currently deciding which cultivars can be mixed together and which should be separated (to
attract the higher price). This separation has to do with shell thickness, shell seal and other factors, which can
impact on the efficiency of our cracking process at the factory. However, we appreciate the extra labour it can
take on the orchard to keep cultivars separate and will try to make this as practical as possible for growers.

  • Nuts that have been left wet for too long with deteriorating kernel, discoloured and mouldy nuts will
    be downgraded or even rejected;
  • The most helpful thing that you the Grower can do for yourself, the industry and the Co-operative is to
    supply high quality clean walnuts

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