Share offer is ready to go!

Letter to those supplying walnuts to A Cracker of a Nut

Season’s greetings.

As you will know, in May 2015 the business of A Cracker of a Nut was purchased by a new co-operative company, Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Limited. The co-op is now ready to invite suppliers to take up shareholding. This email is to let you know about this progress and give you the opportunity to consider investing in the co-op.

The share offer and supporting information will be available from Wednesday 23 December on the public Offer Register,, and we are sending a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) by post to those who registered interest and to the larger suppliers on our database.

Growers who have supplied 2,000 kg or more of walnuts in their maximum year of supply are required to purchase shares in order to sell their walnuts to the Co-operative (unless otherwise determined by the Board). Growers who have always supplied less than 2,000 kg annually may choose to buy shares but do not have to. The walnut payment schedule for non-shareholders may be lower than that for shareholders.

If you would like to purchase shares in proportion the volume of walnuts supplied, and do not receive a copy of the PDS through the mail, then please either view the PDS and related documents on the website, or request a copy of the PDS be sent to you.

The directors of Walnuts NZ Co-operative Ltd are holding a walnut suppliers’ meeting to be held on Sunday 17 January, at the factory, at 5.00 pm. The meeting will include an opportunity of a tour of the factory. If you wish to ask questions of clarification regarding this PDS and the operation of the Co-operative, you are welcome to attend and put your questions to the directors. For suppliers elsewhere in New Zealand, or for those who cannot attend the meeting, please feel free to contact one of the directors directly. Please note that the directors cannot provide financial advice, or advice on your choice to buy shares in Walnuts NZ Co-operative. You should consult your own financial or legal advisers if you require assistance with these matters.

Information about Walnuts NZ Co-operative can be found on the Companies Office website at and on our own website at You can obtain the supporting documents from the Offer Register at (click on ‘Search offers’ then search using offer number OFR10376 or the name of our co-op).

Kind regards,

The directors of Walnuts NZ Co-operative Ltd:
Colin Prebble [Chair]
Frank Brenmuhl [Deputy Chair]
Andrew Horsbrugh
Nelson Hubber
Basil Meyer
Graeme Nicholas
Heather North [Share Registrar]

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