Major progress from the board

As all walnut growers will be only too aware, April is a very busy month. For board members the month has involved both managing their own harvest (and for most, a day job) and completing all the necessary negotiations and decisions to take on the running of A Cracker of a Nut on 1 May.

Last night was a big night. The board meeting ran from 7pm till after 11pm and put the finishing touches to the constitution of the co-op, dealt with critical issues for the hand-over. Each board member has been putting in long hours for some time. Key work has been:

  • preparing the constitution and registering the company
  • preparing a ‘Product Disclosure Statement’ so that suppliers will be well informed about their investment in the company
  • preparing employment agreements for all the staff
  • finalising the purchase and sale agreement with Malcolm and Jenny
  • setting up new accounting and administrative systems
  • becoming familiar with all aspects of the processing
  • working with Jenny and Malcolm to make the transition practical and smooth for all
  • advertising, interviewing and appointing a general manager for the co-op

We hope to announce our new general manager within the next few days.

Meanwhile, there is an impressive flow of nuts arriving at the factory for the new season and this will provide a strong basis for our first year of trading. We are told that the quality of nuts is very good this year, which will help improve profitability.

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